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It is the medical specialist in charge of the study and treatment of pathology of the circulatory system, arterial, veins and lymphatic vessels, such as varicose veins aneurysm, diabetic foot, chronic leg ulcers, placement of arteriovenous fistulas and catheters for hemodialysis, peripheral vascular grafts, traumatic injuries with involvement of veins and arteries, management of thoracic injuries.


An audiologist is a professional who assesses, diagnoses and treats hearing and balance disorders, such as hearing impairment (deafness), tinnitus (ringing in the ears), language disorders and swallowing disorders, all these through hearing and language tests.


Branch derived from internal medicine, which is responsible for the study, diagnosis and treatment of diseases and malformations of the heart, in addition to some of the vascular system, either through the use of electrocardiogram, echocardiogram, stress test, holter, catheterization and other special tests will diagnose and manage pathologies such as: chest pain of cardiac origin, arrhythmias, blockages, etc.. And in the event that interventional or surgical management is required, an appropriate assessment be made and derived from cardiovascular and thoracic surgery.


It is the medical and surgical specialty that performs surgical management of some of the infections of the heart and great vessels, whether congenital or acquired, such as heart attacks through the use of coronary bypass, valvular pathology (replacement of heart valves), surgical management of persistent artery ducts and the vast majority of cardiovascular malformations, aneurysm management, pleuropulmonary surgery, traumatic chest lesions, mediastinum, heart, tumors, bronchopulmonary as well as peripheral vascular surgery.


Area of medicine responsible for providing comprehensive medical and/or surgical management of diseases as varied as thyroid pathology, parotid digestive tract (stomach, gallbladder, colon, rectum and anus), hernias, traumatic injuries, wound management, emergency surgery, scheduled surgery, with traditional approach (open) and minimal invasive approach (laparoscopic). Comprehensive management of children and adults.


The plastic surgeon is a sub-specialist physician, extensively trained in management, modification of body parts that are not entirely satisfactory to the patient, surgical management of some congenital malformations, facial trauma, hand trauma, scar management, burns, prosthetic augmentation surgeries, reductions, all aimed at achieving greater physical and emotional well-being in each individualized patient.


We have medical personnel certified in diagnostic and therapeutic endoscopy, for some diseases and injuries of the upper and lower digestive tract, who through the use of endoscopy tubes assess, diagnose and manage pathology such as bleeding esophageal varices, bleeding ulcers, tumors, extractions of foreign bodies (metal, toys) and who likewise with specialized equipment performs diagnostic and therapeutic studies in diseases of the colon, rectum and anus.
It performs ERCP, which is the endoscopic vial extraction of lytes (stones) in the bile ducts, performing sphincterotomy, and placement of endoprosthetics when necessary.


A geriatrician is a doctor who provides medical, preventive, curative and rehabilitative care for those illnesses that occur in the elderly and the elderly, such as the management of falls, respiratory illnesses, dehydration, malnutrition, mental confusion, metabolic illnesses, taking into account that the body of the elderly adult reacts differently to different illnesses and to different doses and medications.


It is performed by doctors who are sub specialists in the management of all serious, recoverable patients, collaborating hand in hand with a multidisciplinary team when required, through intensive, invasive and non-invasive monitoring in the search for recovery of patients in the service, providing adequate life support, artificial nutrition, cardiological care, neurological, patients with sepsis, surgical complications, etc..


They are the specialists who carry out the integral approach to make a diagnosis, an adequate management, follow-up and prevention of the different diseases that involve internal organs and systems of the human being, such as diabetes mellitus and its complications, arterial hypertension (high blood pressure), pneumonia, malnutrition, dehydration, infections, etc.


Medical specialty derived from internal medicine that deals with the diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of patients with respiratory tract diseases, including those of bronchus, lungs, pleura: pneumonia, asthma, tumors, pulmonary fibrosis, hemothorax management, pneumothorax, pleural spillage, breathing disorders, etc.


It is the subspecialty focused on the timely diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the brain, spinal column, spinal cord and peripheral nerves, whether congenital or acquired, that require the greatest surgical management, such as head injuries, blood clots, strokes, tumors and malformations of the nervous system.


Specialists dedicated to diagnose and manage disorders of the nervous system of children, such as epilepsies (convulsions), intellectual disability, conduct disorder, cerebral palsy, sequela with congenital malformations or secondary to trauma or infection, study headache and tumors.


It is the science that includes all those processes by which the organism incorporates, transforms and uses, the chemical substances (nutrients) contained in food. The human body needs the nutrients to carry out different functions. Of vital importance in the recovery of all patients who are ill and who require space diets to achieve it.


Area of medicine focused on the study, diagnosis and treatment of all diseases of the eyes such as: cataracts, glaucoma, visual disturbances (decrease), corneal diseases, retinal diseases, lacrimal, eyelid surgery, strabismus correction, etc.


Medical subspecialty involved in the diagnosis, treatment and monitoring of patients with all types of malignant tumors of any part of the body, with the help of tissue tests, immunohistochemistry, imaging, giving management through the use of chemotherapy, radiotherapy as part of monitoring and preparation for oncological surgery or to complement the management of patients surgically treated for tumors.


Branch of general surgery aimed at the comprehensive management of benign and malignant tumors from the surgical point of view, they also give clinical and / or surgical follow-up very close to clinical oncology, radiotherapists, oriented with the sole purpose of prolonging and preserving the life, also performing complex surgeries of the neck, digestive tract, breast cancer, urogenital cancer, cancer of the uterus and ovaries, malignant skin lesions, etc.


Specialty surgical doctor who is in charge of the study, treatment, and Ear Rehabilitation Diseases, nose and throat, deafness, ear infection, some external malformations, paranasal sinuses, nasal bleeding, deviated nasal septum, allergies, tonsils, adenoids, Vertigo.


The pediatrician is the doctor specialized in studying, diagnosing and treating the diseases of children, from birth to adolescence.


It is responsible for evaluating and treating diseases and mental disorders by addressing them from psychological rehabilitation, that is, intervening externally to modify certain dysfunctional brain functions.


Area of human medicine that is dedicated to diagnose, treat and rehabilitate or people with mental disorders, addressing them primarily from their physiological part either prescribing medication or other medical intervention that is necessary in order to balance the biochemistry of the brain and repair or compensate for the physiology that is deteriorated, being currently one of the most booming worldwide, given the changing conditions of human evolution and its consequences.


The rheumatologist is a medical sub-specialist who is dedicated to providing attention to diseases of the locomotor system and connective tissue, known as rheumatic diseases such as arthritis, miosotis, lupus, etc.


Branch of medicine specialized in the care of injuries and their consequences of the locomotor system, that’s is bones, muscles, tendons, and joints such as fractures, sprains, tendon injuries, prosthetic surgeries such as hip prostheses, knee, minimal procedures invasive (arthroscopy), surgery of malformations and sequelae.


Medical and interventionist specialty focused on providing a correct and early means of diagnosis and management of acute and chronic diseases, such as sudden illnesses, such as multiple injuries, metabolic decompensation (diabetes), hypertensive, cardiological, neurological disorders, etc.
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