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Emergency Area

Our main commitment is medical emergencies, which is why we offer quality care under the management of emergency physicians focused on receiving, stabilizing and caring for patients with all kinds of medical and surgical emergencies.

Hospitalization Area

Area intended for patients who require continuous medical supervision for clinical recovery after surgery or to receive pharmacological treatment, attended by medical and nursing staff trained in your health care.

    For this we have rooms equipped with a/c, cable television, telephone, emergency bell, to provide personalized attention to our patients according to their specific needs.

    Itensive Care Unit

    The intensive and intermediate care units are directed by intensive care physicians supported by a multidisciplinary team, who, with high technology, monitor and provide timely care to our critically ill patients with the sole purpose of preserving life.

      ● We care for neonatal patients, pediatric and adult.
      ● We have doctors and specialist nurses in 24 hour intensive care.
      ● We have a team of advanced resuscitation.

    Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

    Area for the comprehensive care of newborn babies, care for premature babies who require special care, as well as diagnosis and treatment of diseases in babies from birth to 28 days of life. This area is attended by neonatologists, pediatricians and nurses specialized in intensive care, supported by high technology in neonatal care.

      We Have:
      ● Phototherapy
      ● Incubators
      ● Nurseries

      Operating Room

      Our medical-surgical area has three rooms for surgery, a recovery area and a work area, where scheduled surgical events or medical emergencies of different specialties are carried out daily. The five fully equipped with advanced technology that allows us to perform all kinds of procedures.

        we have:
        ● Medical triage offices
        ● Air and ground ambulance
        ● Immediate medical specialists attention 24 hours
        ● Shock room for critical patients
        ● Minor procedure room (sutures, injections, etc.)
        ● Observation cubicles
        ● Instrumental and Supplies

        Hemodynamia Room

        The catheterization room is a place that has high-tech equipment, minimally invasive techniques are performed using fluoroscopy-guided catheters to obtain dynamic images, process and digitize them, which allow diagnosing and treating cardiovascular diseases. Studies or procedures such as: pacemaker placement, cardiac catheterization, coronary stent placement, coronary angioplasty, etc. can also be performed. by an interventional cardiologist.

        Hemodialysis Room

        Our hemodialysis area provides specialized medical care focused on patients who need renal replacement therapy, which consists of removing toxic or harmful substances from the blood, which they themselves cannot remove from their body, in order to replace kidney function. of the kidneys. This procedure is performed under the supervision of a nephrology specialist and nurses trained to operate hemodialysis machines and equipment.


        Together with our strategic partner Vallarta Clinical Pathology Laboratory (LPCV) we offer a wide variety of studies, all of them adjusted to the needs of our patients and carried out by a team of health professionals with a human sense.

          It has studies of:
          ● Routine clinical analyzes and specialization
          ● Clinical Chemistry
          ● Microbiology
          ● Coagulation
          ● Urinary analysis and studies of parasites
          ● Special tests
          ● Immunology
          ● Blood chemistry
          ● Hematology
          ● Hormones
          ● Preventive checkups.


          The imaging and diagnosis center has technical and medical personnel trained in the use of high-tech equipment, with the aim of carrying out different studies that serve as support for the safe, timely and reliable diagnosis of different specialties.

            We offer personalized services of:
            ● Multislice Helical Tomography with 128 slices
            ● Digital Rx
            ● Digital Mammography
            ● Color Doppler Ultrasound
            ● 4D ultrasound
            ● Bone densitometry
            ● Magnetic Resonance 1.5 Teslas
            ● Biopsies
            ● Punctures and Drains
            ● Electrocardiograms
            ● Orthopantomography

          Medical Tourism

          We are the best option in the region aimed at providing medical, surgical and hospital care, complying with the highest quality standards, great resolution capacity in the care of any type of problem related to your health.

          Friends from Canada and United States

          • At Hospital Vallarta Medical Center we are prepared to serve our Medical Tourism patients from the planning of their trip.
          • We have a group of nationally and internationally recognized specialists and we focus on achieving the best experience in your health journey.
          • Our specialist doctors and paramedics have a great ethical, professional and human sense, focused on making you feel the best possible way during your stay in our hospital.