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Patients Information

Patient Identification

    In order to guarantee the safety of our patients, in Vallarta Medical Center we have established as identifiers of our patients two specific data:

    • 1.- Full name of the patient (name(s) and surname(s)).
    • 2.- Date of birth (dd/mm/yyyy).

    For your safety, each time you perform a procedure, the personnel who perform the service will confirm with the patient or family the two previous data.

      As long as you are patient
      • For your safety and comfort, avoid bringing valuables.
      • 1.- We are not responsible for unreported securities or securities deposited in the safe deposit box.
      • 2.- Visitors should not stay inside Vallarta Medical Center after 9:00 p.m.
      • 3.- For the protection of our patients, it is not allowed to bring into the rooms medications not supplied by Vallarta Medical Center, natural floral arrangements, natural fruits, food, children under 12 years old, stuffed animals or pets.
      • 4.- If the patient has medication for daily use, he or she should report it to his or her nurse or doctor on call.
      • 5.- By official regulations of the ministry of health, smoking is absolutely prohibited within the facilities of Vallarta Medical Center.
      • 6.- If you have any observations or suggestions regarding your diet, you may wish to seek guidance from your nurse or nutrition staff at the time of your assessment visit.
      • 7.- To make external phone calls dial 0. Long distance calls will have a cost, ask at intake for information.
      Patient Diet

        The hospitalized patient is subject to the diet prescribed by his/her responsible physician.
        The nutrition department monitors the patient's diet in both quality and quantity. Therefore, it is strictly forbidden to enter the rooms and offer any type of food or drink to the patient.

          Food distribution schedule:

          • Breakfast: between 8:00 and 09:00 hrs.
          • Lunch: between 13:00 and 14:00 hrs.
          • Dinner: between 18:00 and 19:00 hrs.

          In cases where the physician orders a complacent diet, the patient may select from among the foods on the menu.

            Extra Tray

              The cafeteria service makes available to the accompanying family member the extra tray service, charged to the patient's account, to request this service, please mark the extension 101 at least one hour before distribution schedules.
              If this service is not required, the attendants must leave the room to get some food.

                Hand Washing

                  Hand hygiene is a fundamental practice for infection prevention and control. It is Vallarta Medical Center's policy that all staff disinfect their hands before and after attending a patient.
                  Is also very important, the involvement of the patient's family and their visits. Please tell them that they need to disinfect their hands before they enter to the room and after they leave.
                  In the hospital hallways are gel dispensers for this purpose.